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Les nourritures terrestres


The last tow years were  full of difficulties and crisis in Iran. Many of  patriots were jailed an executed.
Now …. while reviewing all the events happened in Iran and all the efforts done by people on several Tuesdays I wish my country freedom and all the Iranians  around the world peace freedom.

Photo by : Ali Eskandari

Happy Nowrooz

A Beautiful snowy day, in Tehran.

Waliking in the city and freezing but still amazing scenes….

I love this city, with its all beauties and uglies, whether it’s poluted or snowy, even under all those restrictions.

Snowy Day in Tehran

I saw these beautiful children near Armand rood,  Shahr e Kord, Iran.

Hope YOU smile for ever

This piece of art is located in Khane  Honarmandan, Tehran.  Some trunks of trees, located at the center of the buliding near other galleries. The sentence written on the trunk draw my attention. The meaning is : seven days under arrestment

Daily Captures

Lovely Little Ladybird, Naqsh-e-Jahan Sq, Isfahan

My little Ladybird !
Land of flowers, North-East of Iran