Risky days on boat to find safety on shore

  “ I escaped my country Afghanistan and came to Australia by boat”, this is one of the most touching parts of Najeeba Wazefadost  , published on Amnestry International Report. Najeeba, an Afghan refugee now living in Australia narrates her story. How she endangered her life 12 years ago coming to Australia by boat. She is [...]

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Afghan Friends, Forgive us

Iran is the third emigrant country in the Middle East and North Africa region where hosts Afghans since 1980s. With the population of 1.7 million Afghan immigrants, Iran is the main corridor for Afghan migrants. As per Ministry of Interior announcement, more than 2 thirds of Afghans residing in Iran are illegal emigrant. Afghans in [...]

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The Other’s Other; Installation Art Exhibition

The Other’s Other is the title of an art exhibition, held in Art Space, Sydney from 9th May until 17th July.. The Other’s Other was trying to elaborate upon fluidity of territorial borders and cultural identification through a project that explores some of historical and complexities of contemporary migration . Art works from Australia, Egyptian, [...]

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