Zayande Rood celebrates Abangan

Abangan, is one among the 12 Iranian celebrations, held on 10th of Aban month, Aban day of Aban month in Persian calender which is on 1st November. This celebration is held in praise of Anahid or Anahita, the Goddess of flowing water similar to Afrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty in ancient Greece. In this day, like other national Iranian celebrations Zoroasters go to fire temples and pray, after that they go to falls, rivers or subterranean canats and say pray Ahoora Mazda to ask for a year full of rain. After saying prays, the celebration and happiness starts. Young and old, men and women start water playing while enjoy being in the nature.

Abangan, is one among the 12 Iranian celebrations, held on 10th of Aban month, Aban day of Aban month in Persian calender which is on 1st November. This celebration is held in praise of Anahid or Anahita, the Goddess of flowing water similar to Afrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty in ancient Greece. In this day, like other national Iranian celebrations Zoroasters go to fire temples and pray, after that they go to falls, rivers or subterranean canats and say pray Ahoora Mazda to ask for a year full of rain. After saying prays, the celebration and happiness starts. Young and old, men and women start water playing while enjoy being in the nature.

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This year, Zayande Rood, one of the most beautiful rivers in the center of Iran which passes among Isfahan and several historical bridges since Safavid Era are built on it. Zayande Rood which means : the alive river, is one of the natural attractions of the city  and hosts people in its border park every morning, every night. It has been several months that Zayande Rood is not an alive river anymore. People who pass over the bridges were unhappy seeing the empty river. This drought also lead to dissatisfaction of farmers whom their farms used to be watered by Zayande Rood. This year in coincide with Abangan celebration the river became alive again, due to opening the gates of dam.

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The happiness and joy of people the moments before flowing water in Zayande Rood, after a long time made Abangan celebration more beautiful than ever.

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Women;Forward thoughts,Backward seats

Federal National Election, FNC, was held on Sept 24th in the UAE. Among all the advertisements for FNC candidates, the role of women draw my specific attention. United Arab Emirates as a Middle Eastern Country had its own cultural barriers for women to get into power during the last decade. Now,  the rise of UAE women entrepreneurship in coordination with  expats women witnesses having more shares in social and business opportunities.

The increasing number of educational institutions that offer courses in business management and entrepreneurship has also helped in strengthening this belief of ‘gender-neutrality for new businesses’ and setting the Emirati women on this new road of empowerment and self-discovery. The literacy rate of women in the UAE was 90 percent in 2007 and the  number of UAE national women enrolled in higher education is actually 24 percent more than the number of UAE national men enrolled in higher education.  This  reflects a staggering statistic: 77 percent of UAE females continue on to higher education from high school. ( Continued Here … )

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In 2010 when the minister of foreign trade for the UAE and the most powerful woman in the Arab world, according to the Forbes 2010 list of the world’s 100 most powerful women, UAE there were also plenty of women playing important roles in different industries, varied from IT to fashion design.

In recent FNC election, 80 women were candidate within 7 emirates in the UAE. Ms.Nowaylah, 25 years old, the youngest FNC candidate(Federal National Council) in the UAE, but youth was not her only challenge. Like the other 84 women standing, she has tested some long-standing boundaries. Read the whole article here .

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Insight Dubai – Part One

Modern Aspect of DubaiDubai, situated on the south of Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates is not just a modern city with lots of malls,skyscrapers, luxury hotels, beach resorts and  sand and sun to relax, but there are many unexplored about cultural aspects and art activities in Dubai.

More than 100 different  Nations live within the UAE, whereas 20 to 30 percent of almost 3 million of its population are Emirati Nationals, That is why where ever you go, you can find one of your compatriots. Read the rest of this post »

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Protect the Brown Bear

The brown bear is distributed across the north and west of Iran, mainly within The Alborz and Zagors Mountains. The Alborz Mountains holds a larger population of bears with an estimated population of 500-1000 bears. The present population is decreasing in Iran, mostly due to numerous conflicts between bears and the human population across its range. It is thought that several dozen bears are killed by poachers every year to stop these conflicts, and also by poachers trading in bear products.
These are endangered animals and must be protected, furthermore, animal cruelty and abuse is WRONG and should be stopped. Those who commit such heinous crimes must be persecuted and punished.

Recently a brown bear and its cubs were tortured to death in Iran. This video shows how insensibly two hunters treat brown bears. Unfortunately, it is not the first time that we witness these scenes.

Bearing in mind that Iranian people have had the very old celebration called Bahmangan fiesta, in which they used to avoid eating any type of meat and animal related products and diaries in that special day to show their respect to the nature and specifically the animals. There are many other events in Iranian calender which proves truth respect of people for environment.

Signing this petition is another chance to show that we are animal fans, we try to keep our planet safe,we respect our environment and we are against any savagely  behavior both in animal and human side.

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To her great spirit ; In memory of him

The news was shocking. Yasser has passed away, and I’m reading this through his wife’s blog! I closed my eyes, just to open again with hope and wish it was a wrong page or … anything but not his death news.
But it is the truth, Iranian Environmental Society has lost one of its most persevering activists. Yasser Ansari passed away last night … in her arms. In her hands, that wrote a lot about the environment, the arms that used to tie up in each other and the couple that resists against all the barriers ahead environmental activities.
I first met him 4 years ago, in an environmental meeting which was held by the NGO he was in charge of. When I first asked Mojgan, who is this man over there who is giving such an impressive speech; her eyes glittered, she replied : he is my fiancé.
Dear Mojgan, I would like to tell you that : though he is far away, you are not alone. We are all with you beside you, in every and each second ahead. Be powerful as before, and keep on writing. Each of your words in environmental activities worth a world and changes a mind and can save many others lives.
PS : I wish eternity for all the lovers. If we knew how short our lives might be, the world would never be like this.

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Tirgan;National Damavand Day

Tirgan, is one of the Iranian’s celebrations in the Tir day of the Tir month, which equals the 4th of July. This celebration is held in honor of Tishtar, which is referred to a white bright star and is called “She’ri Al Aboor” in Arabic and is Sirius in Latin. Tir or Tishtar which is the brightest star in the sky night stands for the goddess of rain in ancient Iranian mythus .
While celebrating this day, pouring water is one of the ceremonies done in this celebration which is called “ Abrizgan” in Farsi.
According to Abou Reyhan Birouni in his book, The Remaining Signs of Past Centuries the epic of Arash the archer and his sacrifice for determining the borders between Iran and Tooran was happened in this day. Therefore, in memory of Arash the archer epic narrative and targeting and throwing its arrow hoisted on top of the Damavand mountain, this day is named “ national day of Damavand” in Persian new calendar .

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BuTinah;Unique Natural Treasure

Off the western shores of Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, lies a unique natural treasure, wild and undisturbed by human activity: Bu Tinah Island. Bu Tinah’s thriving ecosystem forms a unique living laboratory with key significance for climate change research. An undisturbed paradise, Bu Tinah has much to teach mankind about environmental protection and survival. This distinctive natural habitat has shallow waters, seagrass beds and tall mangroves, set amid extensive coral reefs. It hosts beautiful and endangered marine life. Seabirds, including flamingos and osprey, various species of dolphins and the critically endangered hawksbill turtle live in Bu Tinah. The island’s waters host the world’s second-largest population of dugong, a large marine mammal that is threatened worldwide. Bu Tinah Island, rich in biodiversity, lies within the Marawah Marine Biosphere Reserve – the region’s largest marine reserve. Its protection and survival must be ensured.
Now, Bu Tinah is among 24 candidates for new 7 Wonders of the World align with Amazon, Angel Falls, Dead Sea and … . You can easily vote for any of these wonders here

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Transition to Green Economy

While this year’s World Environment Day is named “Green Economy Initiatives “mainly in India, considering the increasing population of the world and concerns about industrials and their effect on the environment, what is our role in reducing environmental risks and providing a green economy ?
As an example, Montazeri Power plant and Isfahan oil refinery are located close to the Isfahan city. Their old and low standard and mechanisms have caused serious air pollution. Two weeks ago, for the several times during the last years, oil leaking happened again, this time in Isfahan which caused 12000 trees became dry and freeze after oil leaking Isfahan’s petroleum refinery.
Unfortunately, it is not the first time that we observe petrochemical industrial pollutions. In 2004 when for the first time media published the shocking news of leaking oil Tehran Refinery, it was difficult to believe that such a serious disaster is happening near the capital of Iran. After a while that and environmental NGO started informing local residents about the consequences of this widespread catastrophe, they soon found out that the water of shahr –e- Ray ( Ray city) has become so polluted and saturated with the oil so that could be exploded by a sparkle .
In recent years the world has stepped into implementing sustainable development industries, though there are still serious warns about Iranian industry’s structures. Industries like oil and petroleum play an important role in Iran’s economy. If the same disasters happen continuously in the near future we will be surrounded by polluted soil, air and water which people will soon be affected by detrimental health losses.

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Susa Museum left unprotected

On May 11th, Iranian Governmental Television broadcasted a report in which the reporter describes the Susa Museum. While showing ancient stones belong to Achaemenid and Parthian empire are exposed to stealing and damaging hazard without being protected with glassy time capsules completely that any visitor can easily access to these historical documents.

The reporter mentions that there is no security guard in this museum so that anyone can easily translocate or take out the stones. On the other part of this report you can see one of the historical stones which is covered with bird droppings.

Unfortunately, there are lots of these examples happening every other time to Iranian historical and cultural heritages. Around 3 months ago, a historical bridge called Gargar collapsed on a part of  watery structure of another ancient fortress city in the Khuzestan province in southwestern Iran, Shushtar.

This and other events happened to historical heritages like Si-o-se Pol in Esfahan, Persepolis in Fars, Bistoon in Kermanshah and etc., proves that we should be more worried about the future of Iranian cultural heritages. Just having a name in the UNESCO World Heritage List is not a solution, and not necessarily undertakes those people in charge of historical places to supervise and guard perfectly.

We should keep in our mind that these are not just national belongings but international identities and live evidences of history which are a part of world’s history. What if we wake up one day and see a page of the history is vanished ? and that time is too late to compensate.

PS : You can watch a full albume of Susa, Here .

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Another disappointing end for Iran’s Lakes

Although fishes’ mortality has happened several times during the last years, head in chief of Marivan Department of Environment announced: “Each year, at the beginning of spring via tilting seasonal rivers to Zarivar Lake, a huge amount of mud pour in to the lake and causes turbid water and loss of oxygen and Ph level fluctuation and these are the main reasons for fishes’ mortality” .

For the second time during the last 2 months, thousands of fishes perished in Zarivar Lake. As  Grilled Fish is a common dish in Marivan city,  fishes which are usually caught from Lake Zarivar by local fishermen,  in this case microbial or chemical pollution proves to be exist, beside environmental issues  this catastrophe threatens tourists and citizens health, whom their main dishes are fishes.

In this sattellite image, you can clearly see dwindling process of Zarivar Lake

Some indigenousness species have become extinct, and instead of them some non- indigenousness species have been inbreeded, which has resulted in serious losses and injuries in lake ecosystem.

Now, it seems that environmental condition of Zarivar Lake is stepping into a critical phase, so in the case that those in responsible of Iran Department of Environment do not make any decision, make any effort or do any action to solve this problem, Zarivar Lake will soon be involved with the same horrible condition as Urumiya Lake. While many NGOs and environmental activists warned about the disappointing future of Urumiya Lake around ten years ago but none of those who are in charge of Iran Department of Environment paid any attention and its consequence is what we now see Urumiya Lake is more likely a desert rather than a lake .

 Special Thanks to Dr.Sepanta, for publishing latest news about Zarivar Lake.

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