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Women, Islam and Politics

What you read below is the text of a talk I gave a few weeks ago at Feminism Society at the University of Wollongong, a few days after International Women Day. Self independence and women movement in Iran On Sunday, The European Union’s top foreign policy official visited Iran and the BBC reported ‘one of [...]

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Belly dancing; Celebrating cultures or contributing to colonization?

For me, as a foreign national visitor who seeks for authentic  Australian folk art the Illawarra folk festival was still in lack of indigenous art and music. But the 3 day festival was a host to international cuisines from Turkey, Bali, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and music bands from Europe, across Australia and … in different [...]

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Risky days on boat to find safety on shore

  “ I escaped my country Afghanistan and came to Australia by boat”, this is one of the most touching parts of Najeeba Wazefadost  , published on Amnestry International Report. Najeeba, an Afghan refugee now living in Australia narrates her story. How she endangered her life 12 years ago coming to Australia by boat. She is [...]

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Women Against War in the Middle East

On which side are we standing; War or Peace? This is the question I am asking from myself each time a threatening news is released about Iran in media. This is my answer so far: War is the time for generals who are bragging for each other, Peace is the time for women who are [...]

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He, She but not We

Dancing and singing, mingling with opposite gender playmates; these can be primary hobbies of children under 7 years old going to kindergartens but in what has recently been  defined as” Islamized kindergartens” these very basic entertainments are forbidden in the kindergartens in Iran. Willingness of Iran regime to have “Islamized” communities and learning environments is [...]

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A generation, from reality to pictures

Women and the Middle East are controversial enough key words to make a piece of art interesting for westerns. This time, there is a new representation of this by an Iranian female artist, Melika Shafahi born in 1984, Tehran.  Grown up there and studied photography at the university of Tehran and now is living in [...]

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A “Separation” which brought united admirable critics

As per critics, in The Sun-Herald, Sydney Newspaper by Andrew L.Urban it is a rare achievement for a foreign language film to be nominated for a best original screenplay Oscar but it’s not hard to see why a Separation has that distinction, as well as numerous other nominations and awards not limited to Golden globe [...]

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Bandage; a sense of relief

It was a cold winter evening, In a basement with a small fireplace on the corner in Tehran, the capital of the country where sounds of objections were heard in June 2009 and now in that dark basement you can see the sparkles of a generation born after Islamic revolution, you can listen to the [...]

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Namard; Story of Three Successful Afghan Women

“Namard” is the name of the 35 minute documentary movie directed by Mustafa Kia, depicting social life of three well known and successful Afghan women. Following is my interview with Mustafa Kia, the Afghan documentary film maker and blogger of Kabulistan. He is university student in Political Science in Afghanistan with passion in art, both [...]

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Meena, Heroine of Afghanistan

Meena, Heroine of Afghanistan, is the title of a book foreword by Alice Walker. The title illustrates itself well, Meena is not just a brilliant student in the school, a kind sister at home and an impressive woman. She is a young woman who at the age of 20 started the first movement for women’s [...]

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