Iran and it’s real case with asylum seekers

“Iranian, Asylum seeker, Australia” hearing these 3 words will probably remind you of what Western media is reflecting on Iranians, contributing to the highest number of asylum seekers coming on boat to Australia in 2013. Some of whom had converted to Christianity and their refugee status is been refused and one Iranian woman who has been raped in detention center in Christmas Island.

“Iran, Syria, Asylum seekers” hearing these 3 words will probably remind you of how Iran is helping Bashar and the war is caused over 2 million Syrians seeking asylum.
But there is a fact here which is rarely been reflected in media and that is:
Qom, Iran’s religious capital, is where Shiite Syrian refugees have sought asylum since 2012. There is around 1000 Syrian families around 5000 people living there, working in bazzar as bakers and shop assistants.
Iran is hosting the second highest number of asylum seekers. There has been around 5 million Afghan asylum seekers who Iran hosted during the past 3 decades, the number is now decreased to 850 thousand. Besides, the population of around 100 thousand Shiite Iraqis.

Iranian government is being blamed for its confrontation with newly converted Christians seeking asylum in countries like Australia, but its role in hosting Afghan, Syrian and Iraqi Shiite asylum seekers has been largely ignored.

January 29, 2014 · Maryam Khazaeli · Comments Closed
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