The Other’s Other; Installation Art Exhibition

The Other’s Other is the title of an art exhibition, held in Art Space, Sydney from 9th May until 17th July.. The Other’s Other was trying to elaborate upon fluidity of territorial borders and cultural identification through a project that explores some of historical and complexities of contemporary migration . Art works from Australia, Egyptian, Vietnamese and Chinese artists curated by Mark Feary.  For me, as the works of Rafaat Ishak was the most touching one. due to his Arabic calligraphy on  Nile River. As it was described: ” Rafaat presents a new project in response to the Arab Spring and transition towards political democracy in his native Egypt”. Although I am not sure if it was could effectively communicate with those who were not aware of the recent election in Egypt.  Amongst the 5 art works installed in Art Space in Sydney, the most interesting and impressive one to my opinion was the art work by Dinh Q.Le iconic, From Father to Son: A Rite of Passage. which demonstrated how the representation of Vietnam as a country and identity has been defined through Hollywood cinema. as described:

” From Father to Son juxtaposes scenes from two iconic American films detailing the Vietnam War, Apocalypse Now(1979) and Platoon(1986), as a means of situating how Vietnam exists within the popular mindset of American citizens. Hinging up two of the central characters within these films, Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now and Charlies Sheen in Platoon, Dinh Q.Le also reinforces the legacy of familial lines and the retracing and continuation of paths established by forefathers, for which the presidential legacies of the Bush Family might serve as a particular example”

Although The Other’s Other installation art exhibition was aiming to exhibit artists whose works reflect upon their personal narratives of identifying with multiple concepts of home and and cultural belonging it failed to involve the visitors to challenge their mind and approach towards migration, identification and belonging to answer this question: What does it mean to analyse a culture and one’s own identity from outside of it, and what does this reveal of where one is?

May 25, 2012 · Maryam Khazaeli · Comments Closed
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