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“Mehdi! I would say that your hunger puts me into shame in the best possible way”, Felxi says. One of the hundreds of Wall St. occupiers in support of Mehdi Khaz’ali who has been on hunger strike for 46 days till 28th Feb. When Wall St. hosts Azadi Sq and Iranian green movement, this is what Campaign 99 is. Narrating the story of those who are behind bars and jailed in their houses in Iran and as Campaign 99 introduces itself “We decided to talk with 99 people engaged in the Occupy Wall Street Movement around the world. We listen to each person’s narrative of why s/he has joined the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Then we narrate the life story of an Iranian prisoner of conscience for that person. After this mutual exchange of stories, we ask the person to send a message to and make a poster for that Iranian prisoner. While s/he is holding the poster, we take a picture. If you like the idea, share it with your friends. This is for global solidarity”.

But our stories does not finish by 99 narrations. Committee to Protect Journalist announced that Iran has been recognized as the biggest prison for journalist and ranked as the second highest number of execution. While many social activists, university students, lawyers, journalists and ethnic and religion minorities are being deprived of basic civil rights.

Campaign 99 is now nominated for the Reporters Without Borders Prize beside ten other blogs and websites dedicated to defending human dignity. If you want to read these narrations of campaign 99 click here and if you think it deserves to be selected among ten other blogs of Reporters Without Borders click here to vote.

April 9, 2012 · Maryam Khazaeli · Comments Closed
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