Bandage; a sense of relief

Live Performance in Prague Cafe, TehranIt was a cold winter evening, In a basement with a small fireplace on the corner in Tehran, the capital of the country where sounds of objections were heard in June 2009 and now in that dark basement you can see the sparkles of a generation born after Islamic revolution, you can listen to the music of rock players for hours and hours, composing their new piece of music. . This is where I first met “Bandage” group members. Payman, 30 years old, used to study law but he did not find the atmosphere in the university to fulfill his expectations and desires so he quit studying law and followed his passion in  music and continued to his insight inspirations. Back to 5 years ago, Hami and Payman started their cooperation and in 2010 they launched “Bandage”.

The music which is called underground but keeps the pulse of the city life,  voicing out social issues and what they see around and want to re-word in their own language which is music.

Bandage Group Till now, they have had popular performances in some cafes in Tehran, though they are not given permission to have concert or release their albums Bandage Face book page has got almost 500 fans and has got much more among art fans and friends who found their lyrics the voice of the youth.

Payman, introduces “Bandage” : We named our music band “ Bandage” because we felt we are injured, if music is not like a treatment but it can release it, can be a Bandage and make us feel relief.

To us, playing music is not having fun, we express our feelings and voice out our concerns and our thoughts, especially when it come with lyrics, Payman says. When we get deep in to it and we improvise. This is how our music gives birth to our minds and whatever is going on in our thoughts, he adds. Before forming Bandage, we launched a group named Falsh, where we started doing researches about psychological functions of music. Now Bandage is where music acts as healing our spiritual wounds and social ills.

Bandage is consisted of four artists, Payman who plays Vocal Guitar, Hami who plays Vocal Guitar Harmonica, Ape who plays Guitar bass and Shabgard, our drummer.

Bandage live in Iran India friendship AssociationBandage, has released more than 15 music tracks, one of them called September 11 though its lyrics might not be understood by non Farsi speakers, the video which is made with basic studio equipments, was successful to narrate their peace loving mindset.

Lyrics are usually written by group members and what impressed me one night at their live performance in that underground place was a back vocal  by Samereh, a young poet woman whom her voice is used as back vocal in some of played music tracks. Her back vocal role reminds me of many other situations in the society where women are

Samereh has not published her touching poems yet but her strong feeling can be seen both in her poems and her voice.

Bandage, is one of tens of underground music players in Iran. Some of them find the chance to get out of the country and let the world hear them. some others continue in the basements but still voice out their concerns.

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