Call for PEACE

I was born after Islamic revolution in Iran and during the Iran-Iraq war. Going to school with girls who their fathers or mothers were martyred gave me the experience of living on the edge of peace and war. Those classmates of mine who were lucky to have their parent back home alive, were most probably having them physically handicapped or psychologically disordered. This was a very small touch of human being catastrophic consequence of war. Our childhood was full of sad memories while scrambling with consequences of war. Movies narrating the stories about the war between Iran and Iraq used to be played on TV every Friday evening, such gloomy Fridays. It was not limited to that, 8 year war ruined the border cities and caused many people to leave the country or lose their houses. I am sure that my Iranian friends, those who were born in 1980s or before have more touching stories and memories about war between Iran and Iraq. We do not want our next generation experience the same.

If it is the war in Afghanistan, in Iraq or in Iran it threatens the life of thousands of men and women, children, their future and natural resources. Remembering the Gulf War, Iraq-Kuwait war, this was one of the most environmentally devastating wars ever fought. Iraq dumped approximately one million tons of crude oil into the Persian Gulf, thereby causing the largest oil spill in history. Approximately 25,000 migratory birds were killed. The impact on marine life was not as severe as expected, because warm water sped up the natural breakdown of oil. Local prawn fisheries did experience problems after the war. Crude oil was also spilled into the desert, forming oil lakes covering 50 square kilometers. In due time the oil percolated into groundwater aquifers. The application of weapons, the destruction of structures and oil fields, fires, military transport movements and chemical spraying are all examples of the destroying impact war may have on the environment. Air, water and soil are polluted, man and animal are killed, and numerous health affects occur among those still living.   (Read More Here)

Now, here and in this blog we are voicing out a part of my generation’s concerns. We were born during the war; we grew up in all those devastating and irretrievable conditions.

Following lines are not political positions but just human being wants.  No further Sanctions or Wars against Iran.

We believe that war is not the solution; it is beyond retrieve in both human being and environmental aspects. We call for peace. All those friends who are blogger, by writing one sentence to support peace and say no to war and further sanctions against Iran.

If you are not blogger but you would like to share your opinion in the World Wide Web, You can either share your impression of war in one sentence here in this blog or you can simply change your face book profile picture on 4th February 2012 for 24 hours. You can also simply put a like on this page.

If you are concerned about the Earth, if you are and environmental fan or you care about the sustainable life and natural resources, consider the above mentioned environmental effects of war and please join us.

January 28, 2012 · Maryam Khazaeli · Comments Closed
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