Namard; Story of Three Successful Afghan Women

“Namard” is the name of the 35 minute documentary movie directed by Mustafa Kia, depicting social life of three well known and successful Afghan women. Following is my interview with Mustafa Kia, the Afghan documentary film maker and blogger of Kabulistan. He is university student in Political Science in Afghanistan with passion in art, both in photography and film making.

Documentary of “Namard” is generally about Afghan women and challenges they face in their country, Afghanistan. Three successful Afghan women are chosen to narrate the story and depict their success and achievements while facing difficulties.

The Dari term “Namard” literally refers to a person who is not male. The connotation of the word “Namard” is quite different from its literal meaning; “Namard” means being weak and coward. In this sense, the term “Namard” and “woman” is synonymous.

The beginning seconds of the movie is impressive, when you see how two men and one woman describe the meaning of “Namard” saying : “Namard will do bad things that men do not do”. At the same time you can see the reaction of three women who are going to narrate their stories during this movie.

Ms.Sima Samar, head of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission and Ms.Suraia Dalil, Minister of public health and Ms.Shinkai Zahin Karoukhil, Member of Parliment .

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Mustafa says: There are two main reasons to choose these three women; first: Dr.Sima Samar as one of the most prominent Human Right activists in Afghanistan was candidate for peace Nobel Prize in 2009 . Dr.Suraia Dalil who has finished her studies in Harvard University, USA and plays an important role in President Karzai government. Ms. Shinki Karoukhil has been elected as a member of Afghanistan Parliament for the second time this year and is well known in Afghanistan due to her significant efforts to administer women right.

He mentions: The second reason to select these three women was their ethnic bacjground, he says : these successful women are representatives of three main ethnics in Afghanistan. Dr.Sima Samar is from Hazara, Dr.Suraia Dalil is Uzbek and Ms. Shinkai Karoukhil is Pashtun.

In describing film theme, Mustafa says: the movie in general is having a optimistic approcach though Afghan women achievements reminding them about the previous eras in Afghanistan, bearing in mind Communism, Mujahedin and Taliban eras and all their challenges they have always ahead but they have always kept on for their social equality, and they are still campaigning for their rights, as a human being as a woman. Mustafa believes that: these three women, with their prominent role in the Afghanistan today are good examples of proving that they have achieved what they have achieved high positions in Afghanistan.

The message of the movie is to tell Young Afghan Ladies to struggle for their rights to achieve what they truly deserve.

Mustafa has had some difficulties while making this movie, he says: I wanted to show the personal life of them but this traditional society prevents these women to feel free in front of the camera to show the other aspect of their lives. He adds: all these shows cultural barriers that still exist in Afghanistan.

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