Meena, Heroine of Afghanistan

Meena, Heroine of Afghanistan, is the title of a book foreword by Alice Walker. The title illustrates itself well, Meena is not just a brilliant student in the school, a kind sister at home and an impressive woman. She is a young woman who at the age of 20 started the first movement for women’s rights in Afghanistan.

To me reading this book was not just a biography of a woman founded the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan in 1977 as a twenty-year-old Kabul University student.

Since I was child I have been in close touch with Afghan people, who had immigrated to Iran mostly for work and safer life. I could hardly see Afghan families, but plenty of Afghan men who were working in Iran, being far away from their families for several years and sending their wages to Afghanistan regularly to support their families. Those who were living with their families in Iran were not that much luckier. Witnessing their social limitations, unfair situations that they were put into made their lives difficult in Iran. Though Persian and Pashtoo are similar languages and can be understood by both Afghans and Iranians it seemed that Iran government could not understand them as human beings who were seeking to refuge.

Reading Meena, for me was seeing the other scene of those memories of mine while seeing Afghan children at the same age as mine were not allowed to go to school, some of them were working as labor child while on the other hand they were strong women like Meena, with passion to make change. Being inspired by “two of her teachers who believed in the equality of women, Meena eventually became a heroine herself to countless Afghans, legendary even before her martyrdom at age 30″.

As mentioned in the first pages of the book : ” This book is for the young Meenas of this world who will grow up to fight against injustice and fundamentalism, and carry on the struggle for peace, freedom, democracy and women’s right”

There are still many Meenas, in Afghanistan, in Iran, in Morocco, in … whom their stories are not narrated yet but their passion and courage to make change has affected generations.

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