Women;Forward thoughts,Backward seats

Federal National Election, FNC, was held on Sept 24th in the UAE. Among all the advertisements for FNC candidates, the role of women draw my specific attention. United Arab Emirates as a Middle Eastern Country had its own cultural barriers for women to get into power during the last decade. Now,  the rise of UAE women entrepreneurship in coordination with  expats women witnesses having more shares in social and business opportunities.

The increasing number of educational institutions that offer courses in business management and entrepreneurship has also helped in strengthening this belief of ‘gender-neutrality for new businesses’ and setting the Emirati women on this new road of empowerment and self-discovery. The literacy rate of women in the UAE was 90 percent in 2007 and the  number of UAE national women enrolled in higher education is actually 24 percent more than the number of UAE national men enrolled in higher education.  This  reflects a staggering statistic: 77 percent of UAE females continue on to higher education from high school. ( Continued Here … )

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In 2010 when the minister of foreign trade for the UAE and the most powerful woman in the Arab world, according to the Forbes 2010 list of the world’s 100 most powerful women, UAE there were also plenty of women playing important roles in different industries, varied from IT to fashion design.

In recent FNC election, 80 women were candidate within 7 emirates in the UAE. Ms.Nowaylah, 25 years old, the youngest FNC candidate(Federal National Council) in the UAE, but youth was not her only challenge. Like the other 84 women standing, she has tested some long-standing boundaries. Read the whole article here .

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