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Women;Forward thoughts,Backward seats

Federal National Election, FNC, was held on Sept 24th in the UAE. Among all the advertisements for FNC candidates, the role of women draw my specific attention. United Arab Emirates as a Middle Eastern Country had its own cultural barriers for women to get into power during the last decade. Now,  the rise of UAE [...]

September 25, 2011 · Maryam Khazaeli · Comments Closed
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Insight Dubai – Part One

Dubai, situated on the south of Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates is not just a modern city with lots of malls,skyscrapers, luxury hotels, beach resorts and  sand and sun to relax, but there are many unexplored about cultural aspects and art activities in Dubai. More than 100 different  Nations live within the [...]

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Protect the Brown Bear

The brown bear is distributed across the north and west of Iran, mainly within The Alborz and Zagors Mountains. The Alborz Mountains holds a larger population of bears with an estimated population of 500-1000 bears. The present population is decreasing in Iran, mostly due to numerous conflicts between bears and the human population across its [...]

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