Tirgan;National Damavand Day

Tirgan, is one of the Iranian’s celebrations in the Tir day of the Tir month, which equals the 4th of July. This celebration is held in honor of Tishtar, which is referred to a white bright star and is called “She’ri Al Aboor” in Arabic and is Sirius in Latin. Tir or Tishtar which is the brightest star in the sky night stands for the goddess of rain in ancient Iranian mythus .
While celebrating this day, pouring water is one of the ceremonies done in this celebration which is called “ Abrizgan” in Farsi.
According to Abou Reyhan Birouni in his book, The Remaining Signs of Past Centuries the epic of Arash the archer and his sacrifice for determining the borders between Iran and Tooran was happened in this day. Therefore, in memory of Arash the archer epic narrative and targeting and throwing its arrow hoisted on top of the Damavand mountain, this day is named “ national day of Damavand” in Persian new calendar .

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