Transition to Green Economy

While this year’s World Environment Day is named “Green Economy Initiatives “mainly in India, considering the increasing population of the world and concerns about industrials and their effect on the environment, what is our role in reducing environmental risks and providing a green economy ?
As an example, Montazeri Power plant and Isfahan oil refinery are located close to the Isfahan city. Their old and low standard and mechanisms have caused serious air pollution. Two weeks ago, for the several times during the last years, oil leaking happened again, this time in Isfahan which caused 12000 trees became dry and freeze after oil leaking Isfahan’s petroleum refinery.
Unfortunately, it is not the first time that we observe petrochemical industrial pollutions. In 2004 when for the first time media published the shocking news of leaking oil Tehran Refinery, it was difficult to believe that such a serious disaster is happening near the capital of Iran. After a while that and environmental NGO started informing local residents about the consequences of this widespread catastrophe, they soon found out that the water of shahr –e- Ray ( Ray city) has become so polluted and saturated with the oil so that could be exploded by a sparkle .
In recent years the world has stepped into implementing sustainable development industries, though there are still serious warns about Iranian industry’s structures. Industries like oil and petroleum play an important role in Iran’s economy. If the same disasters happen continuously in the near future we will be surrounded by polluted soil, air and water which people will soon be affected by detrimental health losses.

June 7, 2011 · Maryam Khazaeli · Comments Closed
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