Susa Museum left unprotected

On May 11th, Iranian Governmental Television broadcasted a report in which the reporter describes the Susa Museum. While showing ancient stones belong to Achaemenid and Parthian empire are exposed to stealing and damaging hazard without being protected with glassy time capsules completely that any visitor can easily access to these historical documents.

The reporter mentions that there is no security guard in this museum so that anyone can easily translocate or take out the stones. On the other part of this report you can see one of the historical stones which is covered with bird droppings.

Unfortunately, there are lots of these examples happening every other time to Iranian historical and cultural heritages. Around 3 months ago, a historical bridge called Gargar collapsed on a part of  watery structure of another ancient fortress city in the Khuzestan province in southwestern Iran, Shushtar.

This and other events happened to historical heritages like Si-o-se Pol in Esfahan, Persepolis in Fars, Bistoon in Kermanshah and etc., proves that we should be more worried about the future of Iranian cultural heritages. Just having a name in the UNESCO World Heritage List is not a solution, and not necessarily undertakes those people in charge of historical places to supervise and guard perfectly.

We should keep in our mind that these are not just national belongings but international identities and live evidences of history which are a part of world’s history. What if we wake up one day and see a page of the history is vanished ? and that time is too late to compensate.

PS : You can watch a full albume of Susa, Here .

May 13, 2011 · Maryam Khazaeli · Comments Closed
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