Another disappointing end for Iran’s Lakes

Although fishes’ mortality has happened several times during the last years, head in chief of Marivan Department of Environment announced: “Each year, at the beginning of spring via tilting seasonal rivers to Zarivar Lake, a huge amount of mud pour in to the lake and causes turbid water and loss of oxygen and Ph level fluctuation and these are the main reasons for fishes’ mortality” .

For the second time during the last 2 months, thousands of fishes perished in Zarivar Lake. As  Grilled Fish is a common dish in Marivan city,  fishes which are usually caught from Lake Zarivar by local fishermen,  in this case microbial or chemical pollution proves to be exist, beside environmental issues  this catastrophe threatens tourists and citizens health, whom their main dishes are fishes.

In this sattellite image, you can clearly see dwindling process of Zarivar Lake

Some indigenousness species have become extinct, and instead of them some non- indigenousness species have been inbreeded, which has resulted in serious losses and injuries in lake ecosystem.

Now, it seems that environmental condition of Zarivar Lake is stepping into a critical phase, so in the case that those in responsible of Iran Department of Environment do not make any decision, make any effort or do any action to solve this problem, Zarivar Lake will soon be involved with the same horrible condition as Urumiya Lake. While many NGOs and environmental activists warned about the disappointing future of Urumiya Lake around ten years ago but none of those who are in charge of Iran Department of Environment paid any attention and its consequence is what we now see Urumiya Lake is more likely a desert rather than a lake .

 Special Thanks to Dr.Sepanta, for publishing latest news about Zarivar Lake.

May 11, 2011 · Maryam Khazaeli · Comments Closed
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