Mother Earth

Dear Earth,

This is your day … every where on the net I can see a post or programme, all related to you, for you.

I’m now sitting in front of my laptop, surfing the net and trying to write something about today, the Mother Earth Day.

I have no new word to say, and I dont know why some people say ” Happy Earth Day” ?

Was it a “happy” year for you ? What’s up with climate change ? and any good news from Global Warming ?

For me, it was full of shame … ofcourse you do remember what happened lastyear these days in Mexico Gulf, and recently in Japan. I am sorry, am really sorry … for all the extra lights I didnt turn off during the last year, all the times I left my laptop on without anu usage, all the papers I wasted, all the overuse materials I bought. I am ashamed of not caring all the old trees burnt in Northern Jungles in Iran and we did’nt do anything. I am ashamed to remember what ever is happening in the North and South Pole.

I AM SORRY … for all the things I was responsible to do but didnt, and you are still kindly having me on your lands, on top of your mountains and under the sea, so sacrificer like a Mother having her baby in the cradle.

Dear Mother Earth, please forgive me and … give me another chance to compensate all that I did to you.


Maryam Banoo

April 22, 2011 · Maryam Khazaeli · Comments Closed
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