Salt Sparkles instead of Water Reflection

Urmia Lake (Orumieh in Persian), which lies in northwestern Iran, is home to some 212 species of birds, 41 reptiles, 7 amphibians, and 27 species of mammals, including the Iranian yellow deer. Now Urmia Lake, the third largest salt lake in the world cannot be called as a ” lake “, any more.

Not very long time ago, Urmia Lake was one of the most beautiful natures and attractive echo systems not only in Iran but in the Middle East. Whereas non providential decisions and lack of compassionate management lead to building 13 dams across the 14 rivers which flow to the lake and caused irrecoverable harm to Urmia Lake. Therefor 230 thousand hectares are being dried and Urmia Lake is going to be a “dry lake” and just a name on geography maps will remain.

Recently, Head in Chief of International Plans to Save Iranian Lakes announced that adequate budget in order to save Urmia Lake has not been provided yet. While, it has been several years that environmental experts in Iranian NGOs are trying to prevent damages and save this lake According to this long term efforts, lots of Azerbayjani citizens gathered together yesterday to warn about what is happening to Urmia Lake but after a while 72 of them were arrested.

These days, salt sparkles instead of water reflections warn us about a serious environmental disaster which threaten the life of 6 million people.

PS : More pictures are available here

April 3, 2011 · Maryam Khazaeli · Comments Closed
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