Persian taughts, English notes

- Why ? Why I started writing in English ? Am I that much professional in English ?

- No !

- Then, why ?

- …

It’s been more than 6 months that I’ve registered this domain and launched this website. Before that, I used to write in Persian since 2006 for 4 years in this blog. During this time I started writing in several newspapers and journals, after a while I was head in chief of a famous reputed magazine in Iran. You see ! I’ve experienced all my journalist days in Persian. Now, why am I writing in English, with lots of gramatical and conceptual mistakes ?! and there is always an open Babylon page at the corner.

I know many poems in Persian, emotional words that I’ve grown up with them. Poems that I’ve fell in love while reading them and have cried while seprating. whereas I dont have any memory of any English poets. So, why am I writing in English ?

As I told, It’s been 6 months that I’ve decided to start writing again, but I couldn’t. All my thought , ideas, beliefs  in my mother tongue are being filtered and sensored several times in day.  when I want to write here in Persian, I should consider many redlines. no matter whether it is about culture, environment or politics. I should consider a topic in many aspects, at the end when I revise the note before publishing I think :

- Is it what I really think ?

- No !

Ahha ! That’s why I want to write in English. It’s like being in a new atmosphere. Like not being here, in Iran. the country of paradoxes.

PS : The latest paradox I found in my life is this !! I mean, exactly the last sentence I wrote above.

March 22, 2011 · Maryam Khazaeli · Comments Closed
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