Persepolis is under serious danger

Recent rainings in Fars province caused serious threats to Persepolis, a 2500 year old Persian monument which is located near Shiraz.

Persepolis is now serounded by a huge amount of rainwater. Ancient inscriptions in the Persepolis are under serious danger.  Continious erosion, growing lichens between stone fractions and gaps are irrecoverable consequences of this event.

File:Nowruz Zoroastrian.jpg

You can easily compare these to inscriptions before and after being damaged as a result of careless maintanence management

This is while the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Tourism had never made any decision in order to keeping Persepolis out of reach of rainwater. Whereas designing and building outlets for emiting rainwater seems neccesery, the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Tourism is responsible for launching maintenance projects  to keep this unique ancient monument out of danger.

To have e better idea of what has happened to this Persian cultural heritage, please take a look at Shahin Sepanta‘s blog.

March 21, 2011 · Maryam Khazaeli · Comments Closed
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